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Tutorium der Sektion Computerlinguistik

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Friendly Distributional Semantics: from theory to practice
Gabriella Lapesa (Stuttgart) und Diego Frassinelli (Konstanz)

Distributional Semantics is a well established methodology in Natural Language Processing which builds on the assumption that the meaning of a word can be inferred by its usage (i.e. distribution) in text. Distributional semantic models (DSMs) build word representations as multidimensional vectors by looking at the linguistic context in which words occur in large corpora. DSMs have shown to be a robust method for a cognitively plausible processing of lexical-semantic information.

The aim of this tutorial is to provide participants that have no programming background with the basic knowledge and skills to build and understand the output of a DSM in an interactive and non-pressuring environment.

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23. Februar 2021, 10 - 17 Uhr

online (Zoom-Link folgt)


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