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Application and admission

Most important information


  • Application is only possible in the winter semester
  • Application will likely start around April/May 2023 for admissions in October 2023
  • Application deadline: 15 July for Non-EU applicants, 15 September for EU applicants


Language skills (dependent on the chosen field of study)

  • English Language and Linguistics: English level C1
  • General Linguistics and Linguistic Diversity: English level B2
  • German Linguistics: German level C2 and English level B2
  • Language and Cognition: German and English level B2
  • Romance Linguistics: German and English level B2, additionally one Romance language level B2
  • Slavic Linguistics: German and English level B2, additionally level B1 in one of the following languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Bulgarian, Polish, Russian or Czech.
  • The German "Abitur" with appropriate level is accepted as a certificate of English language skills. (You can find the university regulations on language certificates here.)
    If in doubt or if you have any questions, please contact Dr. Laura Becker (studienkoordination(at)


Linguistics skills

  • We require you to have acquired sound knowledge of the structure of one or more languages (for example phonetics, phonology, orthography, morphology, syntax, semantics), as well as in at least one other of the following linguistic subject areas: Linguistic Action (e.g. pragmatics, text linguistics, conversation analysis), Linguistic Variation and/or Linguistic Change (e.g. dialectology, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics), Language and Cognition (e.g. cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics) amounting to at least 35 ECTS during your B.A. programme. In case of doubt or questions, please contact Dr. Laura Becker (studienkoordination(at)


List of documents needed for the application (non-binding, please consult the provisional admission regulations for details):

  • officially certified copy of your B.A. certificate
  • officially certified copy of your Transcript of Records
  • adequate proof of language skills (see above)


If in doubt or if you have any additional questions, please refer to our list of Frequently Asked Questions or contact Dr. Laura Becker (studienkoordination(at)


We would love for you to study linguistics in Freiburg and look forward to welcoming you to our department. You can apply for the M.A. program via the campus management system (HISinOne) of the University of Freiburg. After registering, you will be guided through the application process by the system.

There is only one intake for the program every year. The application deadline is July 15 (for non-EU applicants) and September 15 (for EU applicants) for a winter semester start. Please submit your application and all supporting documents before this deadline. You can find further information here.

As an applicant to the M.A. programme Linguistics: Language, Communication and Cognition, you must have a Bachelor’s degree (or a similar qualification) in any linguistic or philological discipline. More detailed information can be found in the provisional admission regulations. The decisions about admission are made by the admissions commission at the beginning of August. You will be informed about this decision via email. The official admissions notice will be sent to you by the Student Service Center (SCS), usually by the end of August.

International applicants are advised to obtain further information about the current regulations here and here.