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Working Groups/Workshops (AGs)

Please note that the conference has ended. This website only serves documentation purposes.

You can find a complete programme of the working groups (AGs) with abstracts of all the talks here.

You may find an overview of the plenary lectures here.

A general overview of the conference programme can be found on this page.

All relevant access details on the online conference events are provided in this password-protected .pdf-file. The password is known to all those who have registered for the conference via the registration form.

Please make sure to follow our code of conduct when participating in any conference events.

AG 1 – Grammatical gaps: Definition, typology and theory

Organisation: Thomas Strobel, Helmut Weiß

AG 2 – Weak elements in prosodic acquisition and processing

Organisation: Ulrike Domahs, Angela Grimm, Mathias Scharinger

AG 3 – The semantics of derivational morphology: Theory, methods, evidence

Organisation: Sven Kotowski, Ingo Plag

AG 4 – Free variation = unexplained variation? Empirical and theoretical approaches to optionality in grammar

Organisation: Kristin Kopf, Thilo Weber

AG 5 – Encoding aspectuality in Germanic languages — empirical and theoretical approaches

Organisation: Hanna Fischer, Melitta Gillmann, Mirjam Schmuck

AG 6 – Empirical approaches to canonical and non-canonical uses of negation

Organisation: Katharina Schaebbicke, Heiko Seeliger

AG 7 – On the nouniness of propositional arguments

Organisation: Katrin Axel-Tober, Lutz Gunkel, Jutta M. Hartmann, Anke Holler

AG 8 – Ditransitives across languages and frameworks

Organisation: Cherlon Ussery, Jóhannes Gísli Jónsson, Nicole Dehé

AG 9 – The semantics and pragmatics of conditional connectives

Organisation: Mingya Liu, Mathias Barthel

AG 10 (10a, Kurz-AG) – Prosodic boundary phenomena

Organisation: Fabian Schubö, Sabine Zerbian, Sandra Hanne, Isabell Wartenburger

AG 11 (10b, Kurz-AG) – Edge-asymmetries in morphophonology

Organisation: Daniel Gleim, Marie-Luise Popp

AG 12 (11a, Kurz-AG) – Eye-tracking and language production

Organisation: Martina Penke, Judith Schlenter, Elyesa Seidel

AG 13 (11b, Kurz-AG) – Model and evidence in quantitative comparative linguistics

Organisation: Gerhard Jäger, Johann-Mattis List

AG 14 (12a, Kurz-AG) – Grammatische Modellierung als Grundlage für sprachdidaktische Vermittlung

Organisation: Anja Müller, Katharina Turgay

AG 15 (12b, Kurz-AG) – Contrastive corpus methodology for language modeling and analysis 

Organisation: Martin Klotz, Anke Lüdeling, Anna Shadrova