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Current research projects of the department and Prof. Uta Reinöhl

Bayesian Modeling of Spatial Typology

Emmy-Noether Research Group on Bayesian Modeling of Spatial Typology, led by Dr. Matías Guzmán Naranjo.

Non-hierarchicality in grammar (NonGram)

Emmy-Noether Research Group on Non-hierarchicality in grammar (NonGram)Construction formation without word class distinction across categories and languages.

VedaWeb 2.0

  • VedaWeb 2.0: in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Daniel Kölligan (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg), Dr. Claes Neuefeind (Universität zu Köln) und Prof. Patrick Sahle (Bergische Universität Wuppertal), DFG funding since 2021
  • Continuation of the project VedaWeb; Goals of the project:
    • Development of a collaborative working environment for Old Indic texts
    • Integration of further texts into the platform; integration of audio recordings of recitations of the Rigveda and other Old Indic texts
    • Development of interfaces to make data and applications available
    • Extension of search options, improvement of usability
    • Development of applications that allow for the user to add and edit own data
    • Sustainable archiving

Former research projects of Prof. Uta Reinöhl


VedaWeblocated at the Universität zu Köln, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Daniel Kölligan, Prof. Rolshoven, Prof. Dr. Patrick Sahle, since July 2017

  • Development of a digital research environment for linguistic and philological research on Old Indic texts. Goals of the project:

    • Making Old Indic texts available (including morphological and other annotations as well as standard translations)
    • Facilitating searchability by offering a multitude of combinable criteria
    • Enabling the user to implement customized annotation tiers and conducting their own analyses

Agent prominence and the diachrony of predication in Indo-Aryan

Agent prominence and the diachrony of predication in Indo-Aryan (in cooperation with Prof. Dimmendaal) project B03 in the CRC 1252 Prominence in Language at the University of Cologne, January 2017-December 2020

Multi-headedness in cross-categorial perspective. The syntax and semantics of referents and events.

This project was funded by a University of Cologne PostDoc Grant, one of the funding lines of the Excellence Initiative at the University of Cologne. The aim of this project was to investigate complex nominal and verbal expressions which are a-hierarchical (or "multi-headed") in a semantic and syntactic sense to a far reaching extent. We tooke a cross-categorial, comparative approach in order to enquire into similarities and differences of a-hierarchicality in the nominal and verbal domain. The languages under investigation were Vedic Sanskrit where we looked at complex nominal expressions, and the Austronesian language Wooi (which is being documented in another project at Cologne), where we examined serial verb constructions